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Want to give your online business a boost? Other than digital marketing and SEO tactics, you can also boost your rankings via guest posting. It is one of the most popular forms of promoting your business. It helps you gain online visibility and generate domain authority. Guest posting can bring you numerous benefits. It can’t bring you anything negative unless you do it wrong.  Guest blogging done wrong will result in harmful outcomes. But not many bloggers or business owners are aware of guest posting mistakes. So, as you research online on how to do find guest post, you can take note of the following guest post mistakes and avoid the same.

When You Speak Volumes about Your Business

Did you get a chance to submit a guest blog on a popular site? If yes, then you’re lucky! You should make the most of this but not by bragging about your company and products, but by providing something really useful and unique to the readers. If you do this, your guest post will get rejected by the blog owner and it will be considered either too promotional or sponsored . Readers are not interested in reading about a specific company or product. They want useful information.

Online readers want to read an informative post that educates them about something they don’t know. They want to find answers to questions and they want practical advice. Hence, your guest post should be interesting, informative, insightful and entertaining at the same time. Also, your content should be rich and original. So, refrain from writing about your brand.

When You Don’t link Back to Your Website

Guest posts are all about creating authentic backlinks! Though you shouldn’t be focused on SEO when you are making a guest post, adding a backlink is crucial. If you don’t provide a link, then online readers will not be able to search for you. It’s important to know that blogs or sites where you submit your guest post, might not allow you to place these links in the body of the article. But the bio is the place where you can add the link, helping online visitors to find you and reach you. There might be a couple of blogs that allow you to add links within the content. As you place external links, add a few relevant content links of your own.

Not Adding an Exciting Discount or Offer

The primary objective of your guest post is to increase brand awareness and recognition. To increase brand awareness, you should consider adding a proposal in the author bio. Following SEO tactics, some bloggers share just a brief, useful note about themselves and their business. After this the bio linked to the website homepage. If you are using this guest post to make additional leads, you must add a small present or a token. This will attract the readers to visit your website.

Your Site is not Willing to Send Targeted Web Traffic

The charm to be able to write for a successful and high-end site is a dream for many writers. Several service providers assume the web traffic to be equal and high. Sometimes a website with several visitors is better than having a small sized business with limited traffic.

You also need to evaluate the traffic relevance and quality. A responsive website, with a diligent audience, is something that everyone wants.

When You Lack Good Content on Your Site

Your website link in the guest post body and author bio would result in referral traffic to your site. The question is what are people going to find as they log into your site? Is your content informative and valuable? Is it well written to certify that you are an ace service provider in your industry niche? SEO experts suggest that your website should have 10 to 15 good quality blog posts on your site before you plan to submit a guest post. The collection of informative articles will reveal your excellent writing skills and know-how in your industry niche. You can always link back such posts to your original site.

Sharing Low-Quality and Questionable Posts

As it is completely unacceptable to create a low quality guest post, it’s also unacceptable to share low quality and questionable posts. Doing so can lower the quality of your guest post content. Blog owners reject all low-quality posts so you will be just wasting your time. And just in case your post gets accepted and people read it, they probably wouldn’t be interested to click on other options like visiting your site, commenting, asking a question or sharing your post on social media.

To sum up, you will have to ensure that your content is excellent. Combine all the necessary elements to make sure that your guest post is filled with information, but also that those information are presented in a unique and interesting way.

Pitching the Blog Owner the Right Way

There’s something you must do before writing a guest post and that is to write a guest post pitch. You will have to think about a topic and get in touch with a blog owner who will publish your post. The most challenging part might be to get your offer accepted. The complexity varies based on your attempts. Here are some tips for pitching to a successful blog owner with whom you didn’t have any previous contact. A couple of smart tips to incorporate when you pitch are listed below:

  • Make sure you do your research and get the email address of the best person for the blog or website where you’ve decided to pitch. Usually, these people are the editors of a chosen column where you want to feature. You can also address this person directly by his/her name.
  • Make sure you look at few earlier posts before you share your guest post.
  • Your pitch note needs to be very precise. You should be to the point as you write, that will make the pitch tight and not verbose. You can add in a line or two of description in addition to an appropriate title.
  • Add a link to the blog with the guest post for the editor to get an essence of your topic choice and writing style.


A guest post can maximize your online brand awareness and web presence, but it’s essential you get the strategy correct. A tiny mistake can ruin everything and prevent your from enjoying the advantages of guest posting. If you want to plan a sound strategy and also avoid mistakes, refer to the common 7 mistakes we discussed above.