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Outreach and link building are SEO’s backbone. You can’t have organic web traffic, without high-end backlinks. Today, holistic SEO and organic tactics have become more and more important. Hence, most marketers are interested in developing more profound and meaningful connections with their audience. As a result, SEO professionals will move away from promotional content and unethical means of getting link and concentrate on legitimate ways of generating both quality links and customer satisfaction.

If you are planning to optimize your business, and need a good link building strategy, you should definitely opt for building white hat backlinks. When you are creating such backlinks your approach should be as follows:

  • Provide useful information and don’t self promote. This will get you respect.
  • Try to be relevant and focus on a specific targeted audience
  • Try and establish a real connection with your prospects. Once you do this, you can share your offers, discounts and other services.

Creating white hat backlinks is challenging! However, when you follow the right techniques, everything will work in your favor. If you have been wondering how to do this, you have come to the right place. Here are some useful methods for building authentic white hat backlinks.

Analyze the Strategies Used by Your Competitors

Sometimes you might get upset seeing other companies progressing ahead. It could be that they are implementing a better link-building technique. So, go ahead, check the same and use it to your advantage.

Log in to Google and write the keywords linked to your online business. Then copy that link to the site shown above the results page. Just paste that on Aherfs, and you’ll be able to have a look at the site’s backlink reports. It will help you decide which sites get linked to other market players. Hence, you will know with which sites you can develop a relationship with.

Do Better than Your Competitor

SEO professionals and experts often make use of the “skyscraper technique.” It helps to make your website superior to your competitor’s. When you are successful at this, there’s another significant step to cover. To convince a site that presently links with another market player, to start linking with your site. Start with convincing one website. You can increase the count as you go on.

Transform the Homepage Links to Meaningful Content Links

Generally, a site’s link goes directly to the homepage. However, it\s much better if the links point to some useful content on your site. Connect with sites that want to link to your site’s homepage and check if you can update the same links to essential content links. Everyone might not accept your request. But you can always give it a try.

Utilize all Stolen Images to Your Benefit

Do you have HD quality images on your website? And it could be that some of the photos are taken and presented on another person’s website. Use the situation to your advantage. First, identify all the images on your site that have been “stolen” and then log on to Google and check for other pictures on the website. Go ahead and write to those sites stating that you own the original images. Let them know, that it would be mutually beneficial if the site credits your brand with a link.

Start to Guest Post on Other Sites

Do you want your business to become visible to other target customers? Then guest posting is a good idea. Search for websites in your niche and connect with them on social media. When you find you have a stable bond, pop-up the question of guest blogging. Make sure you share all vital information that others can refer. Did you ever stumble across any web page where quotes and statistics are linked and shared? Referencing can work wonders in your content development strategy.

Think about the topics and keywords that you can reference. After that, you can write articles or blogs on the topics and keywords. When you post it, you can share the content with influential bloggers and journalists.

 Volunteer and Transcribe Famous Videos

Busy people don’t have the time to watch videos that stretch up to 30 to 45 minutes. Hence, they look forward to transcriptions. Opting in for video transcribing will increase the website traffic of your website smartly.

Browse through YouTube and search for videos that are similar to your domain and need transcriptions. You may get the transcriptions done and connect to the people who created the video. Chances are they are going to appreciate and encourage you for the effort taken and make use of the transcription.  And in this way, your name might be mentioned along with the website too.

Keep Sharing Meaningful Data for Referencing

Did you ever come across web pages where quotes and statistics have been linked and shared? Referencing will work like magic in your content development strategy.

Receive Notifications Using Google Alerts

Google Alerts is of crucial importance! It is one of the most looked over link-building tools available. The moment you set it up well, the system will work in your favor. Simply put, Google Alerts lets you know every time some person gives your brand a mention. Go and visit the website and browse around. Just in case the website owner is unable to put the link to your site, it’s a smart call to reach out to him/her and place a request to link your site. Chances are they will agree, and you can create another quality white hat backlink.

Maintain Correct Comment Protocol

It is one of the essential techniques for creating real backlinks that most people overlook. When you comment on an online post adding a link to your site, that is not a good move. It’s not a smart decision to share your reaction or opinion on a blog post and after that paste the link to a site.

When you comment on an online post, there are a couple of things you must do! For instance, you will be sometimes asked to add many important details. And one such mandatory or optional field will be a website link. As this is your golden chance to create a backlink.

The moment your comments get posted, you will find that your name gets automatically hyperlinked. To stir the audience curiosity, ensure that the comment you make has something insightful or compelling for people to read and ponder. When you raise the interest, people will click on your website link and potentially check out other products and services that you offer. This way you won’t be too self-promotional.

Creating white hat backlinks is essential to have a successful online presence in today’s world of digital competitiveness. Every brand wants maximum attention and brand recall value. Every brand is working towards expanding their customer base and also toward experiencing a favorable ROI. However, when you deploy the smart and holistic white hat backlink strategies, you are always at gain.